LaCie photon19vision screen

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    14.99 €

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    resolution: 1280 x 1024
    ports: 3 USB, DVI-D, VGA
    contrast: 400:1
    brightness: 250cd/m2
    Response time: 25ms
    Adjustable screen

    No shipping/delivery, pick up only.
    Item will be handed to you after paying it to Purnukka.
    Item will be handed to you during Kyberkeskus opening times MON-THU 9-13, FRI 9-12

    Working tem will not be refundable.
    The item has 2-month quarantee.
    If the item breaks during the 2-month quarantee, we will fix it or exchange it to a matching or similar product free of charge.

    You'll receive an invoice in your e-mail.
    Item is paid to Ammattiopisto Lappia Tornio's cafeteria Purnukka in the main hall when picking up the order.
    Item needs to be picked up within 14 days or the order becomes void.

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